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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Sep 15, 2022

Thomas Greeley of Northwestern Mutual joined us this week in our discussion on the new reality for retirees in the 21st Century.

Our conversation focuses on the place where retirement needs and the pressures of economic instability collide.

More than 55% of retirees have not recovered their full retirement since the last recession, placing the value in the homes they own front and center for having the cash they'll need.  Their needs are increasingly higher because we are all living longer.  Since more people are staying in their homes longer for multiple economic reasons, this places more pressure on the housing stock which, in the United States is already under-built compared to need.

Thomas gave us several solid fundamental considerations while helping listeners to set reasonable expectations in a more instable economic world on the retirement funding side.  We supplied some solutions and indicators relevant to the housing sector.

We hope you enjoy the latest from SMG's 'Are We Here Yet?' podcast.