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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

Authors John DiCicco, Ph.D. and Robert Cuomo, Ph.D. of ‘The Authentic Leader’ have shared their wealth of experience honed in business ownership and academia in order to complete a crusade of sorts. A crusade to make change where it counts.  

Engage with The Authentic Leader

John and Bob will join Startup...

Jun 30, 2023

From her 2021 Interview from the summer phenomenon known as the Newport Jazz Festival, host Joan Watson Jones spoke with the fantastic alto saxophonist Tia Fuller.  Enjoy as you imagine the Newport bridge view, the sea salt air and the magic of thousands of friends gathering to hear their favorite jazz artists. 


Jun 22, 2023

Host Scott M. Graves sat down with Dan Cummings and old pal Steven Harnois from PermaGrin, the fantasmic music project that originated as a pandemic project which has resulted in the album, ‘Ode to Entropy.  We entice you to listen in with four aural excerpts from said album.  

From the moment I heard this album I was...

Jun 17, 2023

I spoke with Ryan Munn, tech professional and devotee to trends in emerging technology about what potential we have in northern New England, particularly Vermont-centric possibilities in industries such as financial services, building materials, renewable energy and climate tech. 

Ryan is a resident of White River...

Jun 17, 2023

In Part 2 of this feature Eddie tells us about the many musicians he has collaborated with through the years to make his music not just Latin and not just Jazz but his own brand and style.  He also shares stories about his performances across the globe. 

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