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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jan 27, 2024

We’re launching a closer look at Artificial Intelligence; how it has and will shape our society.  How you can shape an informed perspective around what’s sure to play a significant role effecting all of us for centuries to come.  

Rather than do this investigation from a good/bad standpoint, we’d rather treat all of...

Jan 19, 2024

Regional Artist and VSU Castleton student Julie Griffin fills us in on the artist response to the latest attempt by Vermont State University to curtail budget constraints by consolidating fine and performing arts programming between its campuses.  

Find out what was the response to the proposed change by artists and...

Jan 11, 2024

A Definition of Peace from Daniel Parkins. He helps businesses and local civic leaders work with communities to transform conflicts, launch impact initiatives, and achieve sustainable growth.  Find Daniel here:

and in The Jazz Room: we were able to chat a bit with bassist, Dave...