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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Victoria Pardo is a Columbia educated historic preservationist.  Her expertise and her passion for her work take her to many places on the map.  She is exploring entrepreneurship with ‘Food & Architecture’,a travel and folkways blog and set of services for the public. 

In this episode we spoke about the importance of food and architecture in connecting us with our past.  It is also important in describing who we are and what is important to us as a society.  Our folkways connect us to family.  In Victoria’s own words: 

‘My most vivid childhood memories center around the kitchen: smells of tender pork shoulder simmering for hours in a savory tomato sauce, and most notably, shoving out my tiny fingers to retrieve a piece of Wonder Bread my mother had dipped into it. My mother made meals from a wide array of cultures. She centers her life around food, and as a result, so do I. She not only instilled in me a passion for food and family, but also a tireless work ethic.’ 

Victoria learned first-hand growing up the difference between ‘slow’ food and the corporate fast-food system.  ‘As I grew older and started learning about the clash of fast-food corporations and traditional food supply methods, I questioned this dilemma more often. I had even seen my mother suffer first hand under their employ. These experiences led me to value and learn more about cultures that prioritize sustainable, locally, grown produce.’

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Our discussion also touched upon the social and economic ramifications currently in play and shown in our food sector.

As an entrepreneur, we appreciate the work Victoria is doing to bring together her experience across disciplines to further knowledge of ‘the integration between food and sustainable development in order to find attainable solutions to mitigate hunger.’

Victoria's Blog: