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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Oct 17, 2020

On another spiritually liberating and economic developing episode of the "Are We Here Yet?" Podcast, Scott and Cam join their guest Professor of business Elmer Eubanks.

Elmer is a Business Professor at Mount Wachusett Community College(MA).  He is a leader among the business and education community of the central MA region. He has run for local office in the past, most recently for State House of Representatives.  

We focus on business, on how we educate people for entering the business and entrepreneurial communities and the state of our region's economy. 

In our second half we spoke about another important part of Elmer's life, that of his families background coming from an often overlooked part of the Caribbean that was part of early english colonization of this hemisphere.  

References to New Providence Island: 

Providence Island, The Other Puritan Colony-Karen Ordahl Kupperman

The Island that Disappeared: Tom Feiling

The Repeating Island: Antonio Benitez-Rojo