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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Dec 1, 2022

We’re joined this episode by Miguelina Peralta.  She is Executive Director for EforAll Greater Worcester.  For a decade EforAll has been growing its program dedicated to providing the opportunity, relationships and resources that underserved citizens need to sustain successful businesses of their own.  EforAll provides long-term mentorship and connections often missing in our underprivileged neighborhoods. 

We launched with the question, ‘Is economic renewal in Worcester a win if it doesn’t include all of its citizens?’ Worcester is the second largest city in the Northeast and is located in the center of Massachusetts.  Like many cities in the United States it is experiencing a resurgence through a local economy based on 21st century industries.  Its people are experiencing both the positive and negative effects of that growth.  A rapidly restrictive housing market.  Outside investment competing alongside citizens for local commercial opportunity.  The negative effects of gentrification at the expense of current community members. 


EforAll works to reverse such effects by providing for its participants.  Since it began in Lowell, MA the program has grown throughout the Commonwealth and now boasts locations in Buffalo, Colorado, Arkansas and Rhode Island.  It provides programming in both English and Spanish.


Find out how you can become a mentor, a candidate or general inquiries by clicking here.


Full disclosure: host Scott M. Graves has participated in the summer 2022 cohort and can attest to the value EforAll provides.