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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Feb 9, 2023

To open the sixth season of SMG’s ‘Are We Here Yet?’ podcast we’re joined by Pulse Magazine’s 2023 Person to Watch, it’s Worcester’s own Rebekah Etique.  We’re delving into the issues being faced and solved by young professionals in the workplace.  

You can’t discuss issues between the generations in the workplace without hitting upon how generations perceive each other, not to mention the effects our media-soaked society has on how young professionals are perceived and how they perceive each other. 

Rebekah did not disappoint with her perspective and clear sense for what’s needed to be successful in our current workplace.  More to the point, like many of her peers Rebekah is working hard to re-define our priorities for where work fits into the greater context while refining those skills that make for a more meaningful workforce experience. 

Read Rebekah's Thesis on Pubic Education Standardized Testing, " The Hushed Industry of Cultural White-Washing"

I met Rebekah in 2022 while she was campaign manager for the James AMorello State Senate campaign. She is a graduate of Clark University where she made a shift from education to public policy when her concern for limitations being leveraged upon educators made her consider a more direct involvement in setting policy.  She currently works as a paralegal and remains politically active in Massachusetts. She grew up in Waterbury, CT and appreciates the challenges inherent in a mill town in the 21st century.