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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

Steven Nutter is the Executive Director for Green Cambridge, Inc.  He is also a partner in the PlacePractice Collaborative, a role Steven plays in which yours truly got to know him and his partner Sarah Howard.

Steven is dedicated to building communities that recognize the importance for a deep sense of place.  One that is respectful of our symbiotic relationship to our environment and to each other.

In his own words,

My passion is to connect people through design, planning, policy, and advocacy to strengthen and create sustainable, more equitable communities from the ground up. We and those around us are a wealth of assets and the basis for resiliency, positive change in the world, and better lives. Let’s strengthen our connections, use appropriate technologies, and reinforce the amazing work done each day.

When talking with Steven you quickly realize the barriers between teacher and student break down.  Our conversation was enlightening and deeply inspiring.

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