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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Feb 16, 2023

Jeff Dejarnette came to entrepreneurship the way many in a place as special as Vermont often do.  A combination of meeting practical needs with work that benefits both team and town while building value.

Key community assets brought together Jeff, his future team and mentors like long-time business innovator Rick Gile.  Assets like the MINT Makerspace and StartUp Rutland at The Hub.

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Tacitly was launched by Jeff with funds garnered through the acquisition of his prior outdoorsman business by an Australian firm.  In a matter of months Tacitly has increased its team, honed to develop the cutting edge coding for use in their target market of healthcare training.

We talk about the challenges of grassroots market development, how does one pivot priorities when it's clear the market isn't what you thought it was, fundraising and just what it takes to build a technology-based firm that provides long-term wealth building to a community and it's people.

Our interview with Jeff is the first of a series of StartUp Rutland Specials featuring the inniovators who are shaping a new economy for Rutland County, VT, USA.

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