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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jan 20, 2022

Our guest this week is Soudie Tahmassebipour, the executive director of the Wachusett Area Social Justice Alliance. 

Soudie and her team are one year into their home grown response to the social strife evident in our region, writ locally against a backdrop of an unstable national social fabric. 

What began as a response to the murder of George Floyd is intentionaly working to bring disparate community groups together and offer a voice to those who are currently disempowered. 

As we began our conversation the issue of poverty came front and center. We discussed poverty and the broader economy's role in effecting many of our region's other current issues: race relations, gender, housing, access to food and education. 

Our conversation was passionate and while we did not shy away from issues, Soudie left us with an overwhelming sense of hopefulness.  

We're rolling up our sleeves this hour and digging into what goes into building a better community with Soudie and the Wachusett Area Social Justice Alliance.