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Are We Here Yet Podcast

May 6, 2021

Justin McKennon is a Principal Scientist at Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc.

Justin has previously worked for large defense contractors and served as the Chief Engineer at NTS Lightning Technologies prior to joining EMA.

At EMA, Justin is leading the development and implementation of EMA’s Space Environment and Radiation Effects test facility and 3D simulation tools designed to calculate the effects of space radiation.

Justin is widely regarded for expertise in electromagnetic effects and has helped solve challenging problems related to the effects of lightning (and similar effects) on wind turbines, aircraft, structures, and more. He has been a keynote speaker at a number of industry conferences and is a Designed Engineering Representative for the Federal Aviation Administration in all lightning disciplines.

We spoke with Justin regarding the innovative space his company inhabits and how their emphasis on constant innovation has propelled their growth.

Their concentration on inhabiting a high demanad, low supply scientific space is an excellent example of the type of firm, large or small, that can have a dramatic effect on a community and economic development.

EMA is located in the Berkshire County (MA) city of Pittsfield. This former one-industry town plays host to just such innovative firms like EMA who are increasingly finding strength in a focus in high demand/low supply innovation sectors.  The property EMA is located in is focsed itself on innovation, the Berkshire Innovation Center.