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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

We're joined this evening by Dr. Jaqueline Ashmore to discuss our transition to a clean energy future.

These are heady times given the drastic change in Washington, DC regarding climate resiliency that has come simultaneously with climate change legislation passed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Jacquie offered us detailed perspective on our potential moving forward; where opportunities are and where the work is yet to be done.

Our conversation offers perspective on where opportunities and challenges exist for different regions of Massachusetts and the northeast. We asked the seminal question: Can we build a more equitable economy for all races, genders and socio-economic backgrounds?

We touched upon the work of organizations such as Browning the Green Space and the 51 Project that are working to answer with a wholistic approach.

We also discussed water management in our current state of affairs and it's history.  This part of our conversation touched upon nutrient management and how culture and politics has played a role in each of our perspectives on climate change, resiliency and economic factors.

Perhaps most rewarding from our podcast is Jacquie's undying optimism for our future.  She is leading by example in this way as we all are required; failure to address our climate degradation could cost  us dearly in the decades ahead.