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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

Lisa Drexhage is Senior Project Manager for the Worcester Business Development Corp.  In her capacity there she leads the effort to capitalize on many of the assets that Worcester has to offer.  The work she is doing is playing its role in transforming the physical spaces in which people inhabit in this burgeoning redefinition of one of New England's significant cities.

Lisa is leading the effort to develop the Worcester Idea Lab, a co-working environment included in a mixed-use development (the kind we love to boost here at SMG) in the former headuarters of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

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Along with the recent addition of the JMAC Center (Jean McDonough Arts Center) this central downtown property is alive with activity.  WBDC is also instrumental in the success Worcester has had in developing a critical mass of life science activity, most recently in their on-going development of the Reactory currently being developed on the site of the former Worcester State Hospital.

Through our discussion we learned Lisa has a deep respect for the neighborhoods of the city.  Her work reflects her dedication to addressing economic development that is responsive to the needs of local people and that draws people and their culture out onto the street.

This is reflected in the way she manages projects and in her participation in efforts such as Pow Wow Worcester.  This volunteer efforts brings artists from around the world to town to work with local neighborhoods on contemporary, urban art.

She is a true steward who allows her work to be informed by the past.  We discussed exactly where history falls in Lisa's personal perspective and how it informs her work.

Listen to our episode if you believe in Worcester.  Listen if you believe in progressive urban development.  Listen if you believe in your own neighborhood and yearn for new ideas.  Listen.  Listen.

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