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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Jan 15, 2021

Our discussion with Erin Kiewel was spirited the way my conversations with her have always been.  She gets right to the point and our current climate both locally and abroad offered us no shortage of issues to talk about.  She is outwardly soulfull in everything she says and does, which is why we are drawn to talking with her.

She makes a very good point: Should we choose to continue with an economy that has largely cast off a large portion of our citzens?  What then?  With that economy comes great waste of not only talent but of treasure.

Her work in both textiles and in silversmithing draws forth a key question: Could a return to craft such as she practices re-wire our minds to think about our existance in a wholistic and more compassionate manner?

You'll find more from Eric on her instagram feed.

Erin holds dual degrees from MassArt Boston where she double majored in metalworking and textiles.

Her work is carrying on a silversmithing tradition that goes back generations in her hometown of Gardner, MA. 

Erin's Book recommendation: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Kimerer

Erin worked for AmeriCorp, biked across the Unites States and worked in Big Bend Nat'l Park.

Our party was crashed by M the Media Project's newest member Bret Herholz, the ringleader for the Mental Suppository podcast.  What a discussion we all had.  It is a must listen.

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