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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Oct 3, 2020

Covid-19, its health, social and economic repercussions continue to permeate our daily lives.  The small business owner has pivoted and pivoted again for many years in this global economy, no more so than the last 7 months.

The arts and entertainment industry has been hit particularly hard, some would say catastrophically so by the global health crisis. 

Tamar Russell, owner of Sitka Creations and Gallery Sitka spoke with us about her solution for her company which includes new offerings for clients.  We look at this through the prism of what is different now vs pre-Covid-19 for the arts industries.  Is it all bad to worse?  Or were there deeper, longer-embedding cultural and ecnomic issues that have played into the demise of so many cultural instituions, small businesses and unique enterprises. 

 We explore why, what’s culturally going on?  Is it all economics?  What about the money and time paradigm?  Without a strong middle class with time and money available, smaller cutlural businesses will contimue to decline.

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