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Are We Here Yet Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

In an August 3, 2021 article from The Atlantic, Journalist Amanda Mull explored the fragility of our ultra-individualism personified in consumption.  

The pandemic placed on display that which many of us instinctively knew or observed before.  People who cultivated their identity in their ability to consume products and brands that help create their sense of self go awry when the ability to consume is suddenly and unexpectedly curtailed. 

This is a subject matter ideally suited to the forthright discussion and good humor of our special guest (and upcoming podcast contributor) Stephanie Elliott, a comedienne and entrepreneur from the North Shore of Massachusetts. 

Whether you find too much of yourself in our description of bad behavior or find yourself embroiled with family and friends suffering from a lack of self-identity in the meaningful, we hope you find meaning in our work on this week's episode.